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"Cryptocurrency is a technological tour de force.” - Bill Gates

Ensure Real Time Tracking Mechanism For Toll Free Numbers..

If you think cryptography is the answer to your problem, then you don’t know what your problem helps you getting the best results from web so that you reach the right people at right time.



Coinbase is world’s one of most popular crypto currency exchange, which indicates that the exchange has high liquidity.



Uphold wallet has ability to hold crypto currency as well as fiat currency in a single wallet. It allows free transfer of funds between its own registered members



A blockchain can be defined as a digitized, decentralized and a public ledger of all cryptocurrency transactions.

What is all about ?

With increase in demand of altcoins many exchanges and wallets came into the picture , but this increased traffic created lot of issues in accounts like login , two factor authentication issues , transaction failure , account on hold , funds stolen , phishing attacks , cyber crimes etc. Every time any such instance occur users start searching for direct support contact numbers to reach exchanges or wallets because email support not only takes longer response time but users found it less satisfactory.We at have created an automated system through which our bots scan all customer support toll free numbers of crypto exchanges and wallets and then our backend team verifies the credibility of the data and publish it for your use.

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Client Testimonials - We love showing off our recent work 🙂

When i saw my 0.5 BTC stolen from my uphold account it was clear that my phone an email had been compromised. I googled the things and luckily got in touch with team.They investigated the things and setup a new SIM for my number. It took a fair amount of time, but I convinced them to restore the original SIM. I then reset the password at my domain manager and noticed the google authenticator was also changed. These guys helped me resetting the things and after getting back into my account I tracked all 4-5 transactions . We then started to find the address owners and these guys helped me using their blockchain lookup tool. After a follow up of 8- days I was able to recover 0.37 BTC back into my account.

It took weeks, but what ever i got back was only due to the support of these guys from team that too at a quite nominal fees. A big cheers to their team . Keep the spirit on 🙂

I have no idea how the scammers got access to my 2FA and how he was able to login to my gmail and all my passwords. I was relatively inactive and did not login to these accounts in months. Then after searching for Binance support number on i got team who helped me searching the scammers IP and then their email address which they were using to access the internet connection. We together started sending mails to the scammers and after few conversations they agreed to return 749 of 1000 Stolen LTC. I have access to my email again and changed all my passwords and 2FA. I kept waiting for binance to approve my reactivation but these guys came in my life like the Real saviours and what ever i got back was only because of the support i got from team. Keep helping people guys 🙂

As luck would have it, for all their sophistication they stole only 0.045 BTC ..I can take no credit for this, as it was sheer luck. I had fundamentally revised my crypto investment strategy the week before the hack and sold all of my direct crypto holdings. I had also reached my Coinbase weekly payment limit, so they could not Steal more in the first attempt. I called Coinbase support number few times but they kept asking for details and i had emails with lot of attachements piled in my outlook. Nothing seemed to help , But then one day i found these guys from team on web and they somehow used some tracking tool to backtrack the scammers address. We grabbed some email id's too and dropped few mails but didn't get any response. I am yet to get the money back but yes , with the help of team i have assured that no such hacking attempts can be done in future 🙂

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