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In case you are surprised that why would anyone need Binance Support Number then please read below:-

Binance is a leading global player of Cryptocurrency exchange. Binance provides numerous facilities related to blockchain and cryptocurrency and their transaction and foreign allowances. It is based out at China. Binance basically allows users to trade, buy/sell and store cryptocurrencies. It has an option for two types of digital currency trading, first one is basic trading and the second one is advanced. The difference between basic and advanced version is, basic version facilitates its users to have access for several graphs and multiple charts for the pairs they have been using for trading, trade history analysis, order books etc is allowed for them. In the advanced version, there is a more in-depth-technical analysis of the digital currency. Although neither the basic nor the advanced version is easy for new beginners. Binance exchange is having the ability to execute 1.4 million orders per second and it has an option for multi-language support as well. The languages include English, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. It has a major focus on the Chinese market. Users can trade for major cryptocurrencies like BTC, ETH, BNB, LTC etc. Binance exchange charges a trading fee of 0.1% for each trade happening on the exchange. Binance has an option for 2FA verification for the security of its user’s accounts.

Binance wallet is available in mobile device form by Ios and Android users both. Users can download the app through safari link browsers and Android users can get it through google play store. But users have complained that the link for download stops working much time and they are unable to download it.

After all these good and profits users have complained about Binance crypto exchange. Users have complained about the slow transaction with Binance because of heavy traffic on the way just because of margin trading and all. Users also have reported for sign in problems to account, and other problems like Transaction error etc.

The issue of binance Exchange is listed below: –

  • Sign in a problem with an account
  • Transaction Error with exchange
  • Account temporarily disabled.
  • Unable to use 2fa with Binance account.
  • Issues in 2fa backup code.
  • Account being hacked
  • Unable to download for ios and android users
  • Password reset issue

Initially because of a low number of user base one never had to contact Binance for customer support. But unfortunately, with the increase in a number of users at Binance complaints and issues increased and most investors end up trading with the platform because of that. In the beginning, due to less no support staffs, customers find that their Binance provides very limited support. Users found themselves waiting days or weeks to resolve a simple issue with their Binance account. Very soon with the increase in competition, Binance realized to have its user base to get back on the initial pace and hence the need for Binance Customer Support Phone Number along with backing customer support team to solve the issues as soon as possible. Any user struggling with Binance related issue can contact the Binance support number +1-877-226-0684.   

Binance Support Number is Available 24×7

Binance exchange Support Number is available 24×7 throughout the year. Customer care executives will be available to help with all the issues that are reoccurring in Binance and need immediate support. All you need to have is your registered customer id, registered email address and registered phone number available with you.