Bitstamp Exchange hacked and 2fa disabled

Bitstamp Support Number 【1 (877) 785-3674】

Last month I just tried to login in my bitstamp account as i entered the password, my password was rejected then i just clicked to forget my password link and filled my registered email id so that the bitstamp support team send the recovery email to my gmail account. When i tried to log in my gmail account what could i see that my password was changed. The hackers had deleted all emails related to bitstamp exchange. Then i restored my password and logged in my gmail account then i saw that the 2fa has been disabled. I found an official support number (1-877-785-3674) of bitstamp exchnage. The bitstamp support team were helped to change my details like my phone number, email address , disable or enable two factor authenticator and change account login credentials. They also advised to me use a specific email account for crypto exchange. We did not use our regular account for crypto and always try to use 2fa at the login and log out time.

Binance Account Hacked

Binance Support Number 【1 (877) 785-3674】

It is very unfortunate that my binance account was hacked yesterday despite using 2fa (google authenticator) on both login and withdrawals. The IP which is used to accessed my account from Russia. From the beginning i had 2fa on my phone and they transferred all my altcoins to their own wallet . I were quite surprised as binance is the most reputable exchange that exist. then i got an official support number of binance, the toll free number is 1-877-785-3674 . The binance support team told me that they also had access to your email to accomplish something like this. They changed the password of my binance account and help to secure my account and gave some video tutorial how to secure your binance account and gave some tips like ensure that you have secured your accounts/devices before using them for any further sensitive operations.