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Why To Coinomi Phone Number:-


The world is becoming so fast and users need prompt and immediate solution for any concern. Cryprocurrency users are also inclusive in this group. If any user is willing for a mobile wallet which is fast, stress-free to use, and supports a wide multiplicity of altcoins, thenCoinomi wallet is worth contemplation for those users. With Coinomi wallet any user can begin storing bitcoin, ether and other digital assets on their Android phone with few clicks.

CoinOmi is a digital wallet that can keep stock of numerous coins other than Bitcoin.Coinomi wallet is obtainable only for Android users, ios version is still not accessible but it will be propelled very soon.Coinomi wallet can support around 90 crypto currencies and becomes a multi-currency wallet. Coinomi wallet is 100% free for use. Coinomi wallet is an open source application creating it user friendly for new learners as well. This wallet provisions private keys that are acknowledged by user only. There is another feature of encryption with a main password, no one can transact any coin without entering that main password. Many other benefits are associated with this wallet, few of them is listed below:


  • Compatible with Android
  • Multi-currency wallet
  • User’s privacy and safety is main focus
  • Multilanguage support
  • Simple setup on device and easy to access

Some of Coinomi Issues are Mentioned Below:-

  • Sign in issue
  • Issue in contacting to customer support
  • Password recovery issue
  • Issue in sending altcoins from coinmoi to another wallet
  • Delay in verification
  • Account on hold issue
  • Withdrawal and other transaction related issue
  • Accessible only on android mobiles, IOS version yet to be launched
  • Unable to add funds in wallet

If you are using coinomi wallet and experiencing all these issues we have specialized coinomi support team to help you out. Crypto-currency market is achieving enormous mindshare and the same level of seriousdifficultiesare being raised every day. Every exchange or digital wallet’s success rest on on the level of safetyprocedures it provides to users as well as soon as it resolves the issues elevated by its users in as much less time as possible.

Coinomi has initiated its support number which is obtainable 24/7 throughout the year to help its users. You can contact our Coinomi Phone Number 1-866-828-0073 which is toll free. Users are just supposed to provide their registered email id, mobile number and their complain number for coinomi. Just contact our support number 1-866-828-0073 for any of the queries listed above and have peaceful trading.