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Why Have Exodus Support Number:-


Cryptocurrency coins have become the new-age gold. In the current year timeline only, the prices of Bitcoin in all common exchanges have crossed more than doubled while that of smaller players such as Ethereum have witnessed an extraordinarydive of more than 4000%. According to someprominent financial and market analysts, this is considered just the opening of a new world order. According to current scenario by 2020, it is anticipated that cryptocurrency transactions will account for more than 25% of the current market capitalization share. With the help ofcryptocurrency exchanges, any user can hastily and faultlessly convert their fiat currency holdings into a cryptocurrency of choice within an extent of a few minutes. Any exchange is always supported by a wallet. We can say that, a wallet actions as the ‘virtual bank’ for one’s coins, the same way old banks hold user’s money for them. One of these wallets is Exodus.

It was founded in July 2016,Exodus is a desktop wallet planned to give any usercomprehensive control over their cryptocurrency assets. For beginners, it’s the first desktop wallet which offers full compatibility with ShapeShiftwhich is a popular prompt cryptocurrency exchange supporting dozens of tokens.Like other desktop wallets exodus stores coins on the device only. Because Exodus is a lite wallet, any usernever have to download the entire blockchain to their computer which helps in saving space.It is compatible with Windows (64-bit), Mac OS and Linux.


  • Having good users interface with some powerful tool charts.
  • Superlativeguide for the cryptocurrencytrader or portfolio builder.
  • Access to near about a dozen cryptocurrency assets.
  • Tutorials and videos to direct users through account setup and use.
  • Engineered for learners.
  • First desktop wallet with full ShapeShiftcompatibility
  • Internal Built in exchange
  • Superb user interface

 Few major complaints registered are listed below:-

  • Log in issue
  • Absence of two factor authentication
  • Delay in account verification
  • Wallet up gradation issue
  • Password reset issue
  • Online assistance issue
  • Transactional issue(deposit and withdraw) 

Having said that although it’s not a very new wallet and as it has gained popularity users will be increasing and with increase in base of users’ number of complaints will keep on increasing. By keeping in mind the exponential rise of issues in future Exodus has decided to provide its users live support for all wallet related and other problems. Users are entreated to contact Exodus support number 1-(833)-617-2018


This Live support team is working round the clock throughout the year. User’s problems will be resolved in as much less time as possible. Users are demanded to be ready with their registered id and registered mobile number details. Don’t get panic in any problem contact Exodus Support Number 1-(833)-617-2018