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Exdous Support Number:- 1-877-226-0684

Why Have Exodus Support Number read below article:-

Exodus is one of desktop wallet, with multi-currency feature rooted with it. It is an online wallet which ropes more than 20 crypto currencies. Being a desktop wallet Exodus in purely is user’s control, Exodus has a very  accommodating user interface with influential charting tools.Exodus is a desktop wallet. Users can store several crypto assets with exodus. Exodus stores crypto-currencies directly on user’s device hence users have full admittance for their funds. Exodus users are not obligatory to download the complete blockchain on their system, so it uses fewer space on device as well as takes less time for set up. Being a service breadwinner Exodus charges its users for transaction fee every time they do some transaction, although the fee indicted is paid to the blockchain being used not kept by exodus.

Being a new wallet, it is not too much dependable. Exodus shortages two factor authentication feature as well as multi-address signature option too making not as much ofconsistent for many traders. Since exodus is not an open source, they have very weak customer support, which is not able to decide any customer query.

Many benefits of using this wallet is listed below:-


  • Works exactly how it’s supposed to work
  • Private keys are stored offline
  • Never has a direct connection with internet, very important from safety point of view.
  • PIN is stored solely by user
  • Backup passphrase is available
  • Open source with Two factor authentication

Having all these good benefits for its users the wallet is associated with many disadvantages also:-


  • Setting up the wallet might be a bit difficult and complex
  • The lack of a wider diversity of alt-coins leaves some users a bit unsatisfied
  • The real physical wallet feels a little cheap, not prepared out of high-quality plastic
  • Little bit complex for new beginners
  • Doesn’t own very convenient way to access your cryptocurrencies
  • Limited USB connection
  • Login and registration issue
  • Transaction issue
  • Password reset issue

Crypto-currency market is succeeding massive mindshare and the same level of severe difficulties are being raised every day. Every exchange or digital wallet’s victory rest on the level of safety measures it provides to users as well as soon as it decides the issues raised by its users in as much less time as possible

Exodus users have lately faced a string of issues as listed above along with timely withdrawal concerns of crypto currency from their account, being a well-known digital wallet and with heavy registered user’s base, these problems should be fixed at best and that’s why Exodus wallet has initiated its live support, Exodus Support  Number team which is available 24/7 are cheerful to help you for the same. Any concerned users may reach out to Exodus Support Number 1-877-226-0684 for any problem related to Exodus wallet.